I found myself being in entrepreneurship when I was in my 1st year of college. I have to sell boiled quail eggs to my classmates so I can generate additional income from my school allowance. Although I don’t have any formal education in entrepreneurship that time, my desire to become one has increased gradually.

Having a background in computer programming, I started to put up our first family business, a Computer Shop Service, with the help of our friend and soon became my mentor in life too. At first, it was good, but as it went on, the shop was not generating good revenue. I must admit I didn’t prepare myself enough about running a business during that time. I didn’t have traits of being an entrepreneur, what I only have is just a spirit to become one. Not even have a background in marketing. In short, I failed! I failed not only once, but many times! But it didn't stop my dreams. Instead, I treated failures as learning curves, as my stepping stones that I know one day it will lead me to where I wanted to be and what I wanted to have.

From that experience and other learning experiences in network marketing and traditional business, I equipped myself to become a better entrepreneur. I would like to break down 4 things you need to know I have actually learned personally so I can help you cut your learning curve in half if you really wanted to pursue your dream being in a business world:

Read Books. I never really read books during my high school and college life. I mean I feel like when I see people reading books in the corner, they are like wasting their time. But my point of view changed when I started to try to open a book about inspiring young Filipino Entrepreneurs in a National Book Store. It was then my mind was enlightened. Since then, I am always hungry for learning. I love to read Self Help Books.  They are really my guide.  I will buy any book that would help me increase my value. I promise you, it’s a great investment. But remember, those stock knowledge you will gain from reading books must be applied; otherwise it will all be useless.

Surround yourself with people who share the same vision with you. When you are planning to establish a business, there is no way that you can do it alone. You need to find the right people who will believe in your vision, who believes in your potential and would inspire you to achieve your goal. It could be your wife, your parents, your friend, your classmates or office mates.  As long as they support your vision and purpose, you can consider them to be your business partner.

You must have a Mentor. They are the one who will guide you and teach you what you would like to achieve or develop in a specific area.  It’s better if you a have a personal mentor, but If you don’t know anyone, You can have an “Invisible Counsellors”, as taught by Napoleon Hill in his book, “Think & Grow Rich”. For example, my Invisible Counsellors are Og Mandino, Henry Ford, Jack Ma, Napoleon Hill, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Robert Kiyosaki.  Each of them is teaching me in a specific area I need to develop and improve. One of my personal Mentor is my friend John. He has helped me in a way to think BIG and Dream BIG and not limit my mind when it comes to expanding my imaginations and develop good habits.

Attend training and seminars. This is another worth investment you need to have. Attending events like training and seminars will help you build your network, build your confidence, and also your ideas. Exposing yourself to this kind of activities will help you develop a specific skills or attributes. Nowadays, you don’t need to become a graduate of BS Business Management for you to become a successful entrepreneur.  Education is almost within your reach without spending a lot of money.

As of now, I have three companies I am leading with the help of my business partners. In CARTJ.com.ph, as a Co-Founder / Operations Manager, Empresa, as the COO / Co-Founder, and Splat Decals as CMO. CARTJ.com.ph and Empresa are both start-up companies and I built it from scratch with my colleagues, Splat Decals has been in the industry of car decals for over 4 years and I am privileged to become part of this company and work with car enthusiast people.