How can we manage stress without emptying our pockets?


Hello all!  The topic of stress management is as important to me as an entrepreneur, and I'd love to share some ideas on how I manage it. Stress can show up in the form of mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual strain due to many different circumstances. As we grow older and take on more responsibilities (family, work, relationships, finances), our susceptibility to stress grows exponentially. This will vary greatly depending on our ability to manage these stresses.  For many, we try to cover up our stress with something that has been around for thousands of years.  Money!!  Be it dollar or peso, money isn't the answer to stress.  But good stress management can lead to more money in the bank!  The good news is that managing stress doesn't have to mean taking money out of our pockets!

So, here are some suggestions I hope will help:

  1. Exercise! I hope we all agree with this! No questions asked. It has been proven many times by other people’s experience, and that includes mine. I love doing some stretching, jog in 30 minutes, or walk while chatting with my wife. Cycling is one of my new hobbies too. I also do it when I go to the office and work. When we exercise, our brain pumps out endorphins, which are feel-good neurotransmitters. This is the reason why we always feel good right after our physical activity.
  2. Proper sleep! When we get enough sleep (at least 6-8 hours) aside from feeling better, we can also think better, and perform better! If you think you are maximizing your time by working so hard even though your body and mind are tired, think twice! I’ve seen a lot of people who push their limits so hard that they end up not being productive at all. Why? Because their accuracy will decrease and won’t be thinking very well, this will weaken their performance. I have three companies I partly own, and I make sure I still get enough sleep so I can deliver good results to my business partners and to our staff. Think of Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Group who handles 400 companies! Do you think he still sleeps? Heck yes!
  3. Love the nature! If there is one place I can stick around for longer hours or days, it would be in the lovely nature created by our Creator. I would say that there is magic when you glance or stare at those beautiful mountains, listening to rivers flowing on rocks, and the humming birds. It’s irreplaceable! Meditating, being away from noise and pollution, and even disconnecting from technology once in awhile can make you feel way better. When you are stressed and there is a spot around your area where you can connect with nature, make sure you add it to the places you’ll visit often.
  4. Socialize! People say I am a loner, and that I am used to it. But I thought it was good to be a loner for good. We all know the old saying that “No man is an island”. I find it to be true because the more I matured and get older, I feel that I need to become friendlier, connect with people, reach out to them, and spend time with those I love the most. When I do that, I start to become more selfless. Just make sure to pick the right group of people who would uplift you and inspire you.

If there was one book I would recommend to you, it would be Stress Relief Bible. It will really teach you how to overcome stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions without taking medication.

I hope these will be beneficial to you guys. Would you like to share how you manage your stress? Please don't hesitate to comment below.

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