Why Outsourcing IT solutions are Worth the Buck for Small and Medium Enterprises?

IT Infrastracture

Over the past decade, mankind has traversed its way through countless revolutions. However, the advent of Information Technology and the Internet has had an effect incomparable with any other. With the invention of the World Wide Web, the whole mechanism of information sharing transcended into something accessible to a 5-year-old kid going to school for the first time. Ever since that, areas like business and finance have killed entire physical databases in favor of a more tech savvy alternative. Nowadays, an office building is practically unimaginable without computers, printers, surveillance cameras, Ethernet cables and servers. It is fair to say that the 21st century is the ‘century of technology’, and information has been imperative to all pursuits ever since the beginning of time. In all fairness, the 21st century is actually ‘the century of Information Technology’.

It is true that IT has become one of the core essentials of offices and work spaces nowadays, but why?

  • The use of IT more than doubles the efficiency of operations. Computers work faster than human beings, there’s no rocket science behind that!
  • In the era of the internet, IT paves the way for businesses to maintain an intimate relationship with their customers. Moreover, digital marketing has almost wiped the existence of traditional marketing. Needless to say, there is no digital marketing without IT.
  • Well, the whole point of utilizing information technology is to acquire more information in less time. When businesses have the adequate amount of information to work with at the appropriate time, it gives them a competitive edge.
  • Most importantly, the world runs online now. Without IT, it is impossible for SMEs to keep up with the pace at which the whole concept of business is changing. Make no mistakes, technology is shaping the way information is acquired, accessed, utilized, retrieved, stored and even destroyed.


Now that it has been established that businesses, whether medium or small or even big, cannot function without IT, the million-dollar-question is that how much of IT support do SMEs need and how to acquire it?

The reason why many enterprises refrain from opting for outsourced IT support is that they are never able to cope up with the lack of resources that comes with the rapid availability of newer technology. Every 6 months, a piece of technology comes out on the market that can get things done in a faster and better manner. Therefore, a dilemma takes form, how much of IT support is enough? Well, thankfully, the above dilemma is not as restraining as it sounds. The best approach to acquiring IT support is by clearly defining your requirements. Once you have done that, it is only a matter of picking the right IT solution provider in your locality.

Almost every IT related service required by SMEs can be leased. A binding lease of 3 years can be acquired for desktops, servers, IP telephony and even solar light. In the case of desktop leasing, a minimum number of 80 units need to be leased. But, that number is the minimum SMEs requirement anyway. The biggest relief comes from the fact that all the services that are leased are managed by IT specialists themselves and on-site support is provided instantaneously in case anything goes haywire. IT specialists can even set up surveillance systems for SMEs. CCTV implementation, CCTV commissioning, Selling CCTV Equipment, Private Network Surveillance that deals with CCTV, data and voice, the establishment of an Action Center that features integration with rescue units i.e. police, ambulance, red cross and the fire department etc. are all services that SMEs can acquire.


Another misconception that has been running in the wind lately is that it is ultra-expensive to afford adequate IT support. However, it is as far from the truth as anything ever can be.

Consider this example, if you go the capital expenses route and decide to buy 10 units of desktop computers right away and one unit costs Php35,000.00, your total expenditure comes out to be Php350, 000.00.  And that is excluding the maintenance cost. The warranty will eventually expire, right? However, if you go the operational expenses route and hire professional IT specialists, a fixed monthly rental of 1,250 is all you have to worry about. That includes free maintenance and support. Moreover, the equipment deployed at a minimal price is changed every two years. The point is, availing the services of IT specialist does not need to be expensive at all. Instead, it can be a potential saving!

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