Time Management, A Skill Every Entrepreneur Should Learn.

Time Management

As an entrepreneur, you need to know that controlling your own time is far better than letting time control you. That is how you should define productivity. You have directions on what you want to accomplish. You measure progress not only in terms of quantity, but also quality.

People who don’t know how to manage their time end up feeling unhappy, unproductive, and their resources wasted. So let me list down some tips on how you can avoid those negative feelings and maximize your results.

·         What is your purpose and plan for today? It is important that when you arrive at your office or wherever you work, before you start your day, you had already planned in mind what you want to achieve. If you have goals to accomplish or are hitting a target on a monthly basis, that purpose and plan should lead to achieving that target.

·         Get stuff out in your head. Do not keep all your plans or what you want to do in your brain. I tell you, you will not remember them all. Write them down right away. You don’t need to memorize them. Your brain should be working on more important stuff. You don’t want to spend so much time trying to recall things that you’re supposed to be doing because you did not write them down. If you have been in that situation, you know what I am talking about.

·         What should you procrastinate or what should you not? You’ve probably heard about the wonders of creating a to-do-list. Make one and when you’re done, analyze that list.  Ask yourself these questions: 1. Which of these tasks should take the least priority? That is where procrastination comes in. Delay other tasks that do not require immediate attention. 2. Which of these are the most essential? This is what you do not procrastinate. Spend more time on tasks that you have identified to be a high priority, especially if those are the ones that would give you results or even double them.

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We are all given the same 24 hours in a day. If you find that others accomplish more than you do then you might want to check up on how you spend your time. Would you like to share something helpful about this topic? Please comment below. I am excited to hear.



  1. This was really helpful! Especially for young entrepreneur like me. This article tackled what I needed to understand especially in managing my time and in handling stress.More power to the author of this site!

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